I’m standing over her place

For years now, it’s been over

I still cry myself to sleep

When all I want is to hold her

I say to myself over and over

I would give up the world to see

From here to there for years

That piece of heaven in front of me

Can’t believe the time that’s passed

It seems like an eternity

The years we spent together

Were only for her and me

I still remember her name

No way I could forget

Her beautiful, caring smile

One to say, I loved it

This life is gone without her

It’s darker beyond the light

I said it more than once,

I loved her throughout the night

A world with no sign of love

Is never one worth living

How can I continue on,

Without her grace of giving

I’ll leave these roses right here

And save the love that is true

I’ll change the world for the better

This is what I promise you