There are a few that I hold close to my heart

Without them, I would surely fall apart

They may not know of what I believe

But in these short lines, they shall perceive

What we do every day of the year

Makes others wish they could see and hear,

Our banter is not for the deep sensitive

Which is why we take clear initiative

Our plans to change worlds big and small

Cannot be broken nor altered overall

Does not matter, whether here or there

Some will see that life can be fair

It’s only what we make of it, that’s for sure

We ourselves may not be, but the idea is pure

These guys here see what I mean, no lie

We can change lives in a blink of an eye

What I refer is not just our connection

It’s what we choose to do for that perfection

I believe this saving grace will never fall

Bound to last a lifetime until the end of all

The ones I speak of know who they are

Some of which are not here but live afar

I’ll smack them around because it’s fun to do

How we get along is clear to see for you

People should be jealous of the bond we share

They won’t understand, instead they only stare

That’s why I write this, for all to see

To show how these fools can really be

Some pain in the asses, this is so true

I want to strangle them until they turn blue

But in the end our choices make us closer

Our goals all meet, they don’t differ, no sir

Where we go from here is just too clear

A place that is higher for us to cheer

These people stay with me all the time

Up the ladder we go, a way to climb

My sincere appreciation just never croaks

It’s a way of speaking to those several blokes

I’ll take this poem and show it to some others

So they know how much I love my brothers