Your life belongs only to you
And not some other
They’ll try to change your life
To be that of another

To say it won’t happen
Is simply not so
Becoming who you’re not
Never the way to go

Don’t back down
Stand your ground with pride
Keep moving forward
Let your heart be your guide

Who you choose to be
Wrong answer, it is not
Someone tells you otherwise
Tell them to fucking rot

Whether today or tomorrow
You find yourself questioning
The silence that responds
Comes close to deafening

It’s says “Do not change,
Over you, they have no power.
The future becomes now
Starting at this very hour.”

You’ll ask it “What do I do,
When the world needs a leader?
Do I tell them no,
Say I’m a bottom feeder?”

It says “To save a world,
Life goes beyond the few.
To save a world.
Reset yourself anew.”

“Why must I change,
To please the numerous voices?”
Silence says “Not yourself,
But all of your coming choices.”

So long trying to understand
What the silence speaks
The answer wasn’t revealed
To the one that still seeks

In the end, you’ll figure it out
In your face, upon the shelf
The answer all along
Was simply being yourself