When can somebody say that reality is true?

This life we live does not conclude for you

The journey won’t end here, who says won’t matter

Whether you believe in heaven, some continue to chatter

They say “Life right here is but a gray shadow,

When the clouds separate, away we will go.

Don’t believe that the venture stops with your body

Compared to what lies ahead, this life is just shoddy.”

Your experience will carry over to the next

What you leave behind becomes another annex

Your children will see of your greatest impact

They will tell others that what they say is fact

Everybody dies sometime, some later than the other

But how far they carry us will surely help another

Our lives are meaningful, purpose burns of ember

What we do with them will show how they remember

Upon our backs, wisdom has come to follow

Without our knowledge, this world would be hollow

If you choose to be a person of value and worth

Ensure your choices are pure every day on this Earth

The meaning of life is for yours to decide

Influence it everywhere, all far and wide

Tell them “I am the only one that walked

That dark lonely road still heavily blocked.

I opened the door for others to keep track

All they have to do is step over that deep crack.

Now my time has come for me to go travel

To the stars above, and places unravel.

Memories of myself are now all that remains

But the impact I made, enough to break chains”

Life is over for this one, least in this old fantasy

So take it from here, let the future know it was me