Needless to say you have a long road ahead

Even on both sides, but one filled with dread

Viciously awaiting for you to just crack

Especially those that deny the great track

Rigorous, it will certainly become

Giving up now will only make you look dumb

I say unto you that nothing is easy

Verily, it shall make the weak turn queasy

Every time you pause, it only gets worse

Up until now, you’ve been plagued by a curse

Prioritize yourself and make it all worthwhile

Your goals are there, just sitting upon the pile

Over the stack, you can see the pinnacle

Unbelievable it seems, some will call it cynical

Ready yourself, prepare to slap them with success

Damn the people that feel you should be like the rest

Remember what you do is because of your dreams

Everything will try to stop you starting at the seams

About that time I remind you that this one is mine

Maybe the way I’m telling you is in the first letter of each line