Not once have I considered a change like this

It could be a new life, or a great lack of bliss

Someone threw the idea out there for me

Almost feels like a whole new world to see

No decision has been made as of yet

Some time I need, hoping not to sweat

A place resting far away from home

From my eyes, it might as well be Rome

But this could be a good thing to explore

I won’t be living like I had before

Fresh start, doubt it won’t be so rotten

The bad memories would be forgotten

I’m giving myself some time to think on it

My final decision, won’t reveal or yet admit

I’ll sit here and work on what makes me happy

I’m trying my best to not make this too sappy

It’s time for bed, ready again for tomorrow

Could use the sleep, allow the dreams to overflow

I have time to think about what I need

But for now, I’ll leave this for you to read