How can one say that the world cannot change?

When all it needs is someone to rearrange

One person can make the difference with a little shove

Their motivation speaks both below and above

Whether they sacrifice their life

Or deliver others from strife

The impact left behind in the wake

Shatters the opposition with a strong break

They scream “We can’t turn around until we see

The power of the world to set us all free.”

The one says “It can change to be that for the better

All we need is someone to be the setter.

The fire that prevents it can surely be stronger

Do what you must, just survive a bit longer.”

To watch as this one man gives himself over

The burning flame that feeds upon the rover

Fueling the inferno can have a great downfall

But extinguishing the remains will bring an end to it all

When the blaze dies, change begins anew

The life lost, surrendered to see it through

It doesn’t take much to see a new beginning

Required was the one that kept the world spinning

With his gift to all, the change no longer zero

All it took to commence was the life of a hero