I have a book yearning to see the light of day

Finished it is not, the one thing I loathe to say

But why I write it is not for me to relay

Reasons you won’t know, for now they’ll stay at bay

Parallels of four within hundreds of pages

Four people, and four lands behind the bars of cages

Four beings, and four stones that live through the ages

Lastly four worlds experiencing different stages

First man a thief living for a brother confined to a bed

Second is a cop disgraced and occupied with dread

Third an angry fighter, burdened with loss and bloodshed

Fourth a convict, exacted revenge that forced chaos to spread

Each given a stone that emerged from across a great rift

Unaware at first that what they received was a special gift

A simple touch, lives change through a dimensional shift

Awaken in a new world, minds wandering adrift

Strangers to each other and the world around

Individual problems that begin from the new ground

See, they don’t know the issues, all as clear as sound

Lives change, beginning at the stones whence they’re bound

Affected one another before this drastic change

All discover this tragedy, and come to a point estrange

Further down the road will come a violent exchange

The dwarves and elves cannot quell the rage before the range

In time, they realize their problems are the all the same

Not with each other but with the King, Immortal his name

Behind the veil, another threat, greater in the game

A power unimaginable, from a dark realm of flame

In the end, they come together and fight for a world enslaved

And no matter how hard they try, not everyone can be saved

Suffering comes, death tolls, and the war will never be waved

Despite what happens, together they follow a path now paved

That’s all I’ll say for the first book of the series, details now free

These four characters mean so much because their true form is me

When it comes, you’ll find out how all these ideas came to be

Then you’ll see why this story will forever be my Legacy