We’ve all had some kind of monster under our bed

But did it really exist? Or was it just in your head?

The silence in the darkness left some fears behind

Crippling enough to leave one utterly blind

When alone, your body succumbs to quivering

The cold night itself leaves others to start shivering

When the whispers come, faint as the fades

You scream in terror, louder than the raids

Throw the blanket, sheets smothered in blood

Footsteps to the door, all covered in mud

Run to your parents room, hope they chase away

That terrifying monster hunting down its prey

Wake them up, this seems to do no good

Dead in their room, by the beast with the hood

Nowhere to go except back to your room

Where it chooses to live, a meeting with doom

Enter once again, silence returns

No sounds or sights, feeling it burns

Then a gleam catches what little light remains

From the center of the bed with all the blood stains

A sharpened blade from places unknown

Not even an etch or details are shown

Your reflection in the blood on the cold, hard metal

Calms down your nerves, and body begins to settle

Memories flood back from staring at the hue

Then you soon realize that the monster is you