As I sit here today, wondering what heads towards those I love

I can’t help but think about all those times of when push came to shove

We endured the worst the world had to offer, sometimes close to unbearable

Our love for each other carried us through because we’re near inseparable

How my mind now dwells on events that have come to pass

Instead of the scene right here that turns my courage to glass

My wife won’t understand now, but soon she will see my reason

Why I’m doing this, under the sun of this burning season

The place I’ve taken is not of anybody I’m acquainted

Just a simple man, living his life to remain untainted

Though aware of his name, we’ve never met until these incidents

“Rick” it comes to be, our meeting is of no mere coincidence

A messenger of sorts, traveling to the Congo from Rome

It is apparent to say that Rick is so far away from home

He does not deal with the arms of war nor expect a gun in hand

The people that awaited delivery planned a scheme far grand

The contents of the package I am sure he knew not

But now that he has brought it, his life is dealt to rot

Questions Rick dared not ask in regards to what the men plan to do

Despite minding his own, payment comes in death for him in a few

A day he was given to reminisce of his life before execution

The ones that sentenced this see it as the one and only solution

How do I know of this you ask? Well, let me tell you so

These men with their guns and bombs, all ready to go

I watched them drag Rick across the camp and bind him to shackles

My first reaction, “Why would they imprison a man like merciless jackals?”

But their reasoning, risking his return home could prove fatal to plans ahead

Utter insanity, I believe. No man would trouble himself to endure such dread

Indeed, I remember last night just like any other

Hard to forget, because I gave myself for another

I allowed hours to pass, awaiting that blazing sun to set below

Darkness came fast, showering my home in pitch black shadow

Caged near the river, where the crocs tend to swim and hunt their prey

I showed Rick my face, his expression screamed “I don’t want to stay”

He cried, “Why are you doing this to me? I’ve only ever done what was asked.”

I replied, “I can’t answer for the others. I have little time this night to help you last

You must do as I say, and by tomorrow you shall be with your family.

If this goes awry, then this will surely be the end of both you and me.”

He asked, “Why would you help me? I mean nothing to you since you’ve left me to rot.”

My answer, “Don’t question my motives. As of right now, my help is all you’ve got.”

I told him what to do word for word, hoped all of what I said stuck

With attentive ears, he listened and prayed to never be struck

Morning came faster than I could keep up, brighter than the previous

The men awoken to the sounds of the jungle, unaware how I’ve gone devious

While all the men slept, I planted the bombs to go off with sheer havoc

At eight in the morning, the world would see how the Congo is tragic

Why would I do that for a man I barley know?

I can’t say it. It’s just better if I show

The men pulled Rick from his cage, hands bonded in front

They prepared him for his last walk, a nerve wracking stunt

Stopped before the general with the sunglasses, forced to his knees

I could feel his heart beating from where I stood, through the morning breeze

Thirty seconds was all Rick needed, then I could help him leave

The general smirked at him, like an idea slithered up his sleeve

Passed his rifle to his left, received a machete instead

I knew how this man thought, he would rather claim Rick’s head

Raised the blade high above him, ready to swing it on his neck

Ten seconds left, the encampment soon to be a complete wreck

Five seconds, sweat covered my brow

Three seconds, the time for it is now

The blade came down, close to impact on Rick

The bombs went off, fire consumed far too quick

Rick broke into a sprint to the jungle, disappearing into the thick trees

Bombs continued to explode, smoke filling the sky above the faraway seas

Some of the men attempted to give chase, ignoring the chaos that stifle

The only choice I had to save Rick was to gun them all down with my rifle

While I squeezed the trigger, my mind referred to what I spoke to him

Then I prayed he remembered the way through, to reunite with them

The men had taken his family hostage, used them for bargain to transport their goods

And just like any man with a heart full of love, Rick had to abandon his part of the woods

I knew of their location, relayed their whereabouts last night

When he reached them, he wouldn’t have to put up much of a fight

Two lackeys that guarded them were as short sighted as can be

Ambushing would be easy, then the three could walk home free

I recollected myself, observing the bodies of the men one by one

Blood splattered everywhere. The number of survivors? Absolutely none

Before I could reload, a blunt blow to the back of the head

This would be a one way ticket, the aggressor now seeing red

Now we’re back to the present with a gun pointed to my face

The general and other few men chanting about my disgrace

General says, “Your wife and daughter would despise you so.

Why would you betray your own for someone you don’t know?”

I glare at him, “You know not of what they hate nor speak for their voices.

I do what I must. And what I do is because I make my own choices.”

“You dishonor your country and your own race. Now I can see the world has made you blind.”

“I am not blind to what ravages our home. I see what is love, what resides in my mind.”

The general speaks no more, instead wraps his finger around the trigger

I allow myself to wander toward my loves, to what is so much bigger

Their smiles embracing, and arms wide open for me to grasp

Everything would be right, our hands together in a tight clasp

I believe Rick made it through, escape imminent without a doubt

And in the coming time, the group of them will have made it out

The general pulled the trigger, the shot being the last I hear

Just a second before impact, the bullet touches my ear

In this small moment, I know what I did is right

And now my home will shine brighter than any other light

These men can see that I am not another soldier or a random crewman

Both they and the world now know that I just defined what it means to be human